Basic Style Tips

Basic Style Tips: (note: all the companies I recommend are in some way aligned with Catholic Social Teaching – meaning they may be sustainable , pay their workers a living wage, and/or prioritize the human person over profit – this means they are slightly more expensive but worth the price)knowing (2 of 4)Stick with the basics – make sure you’ve invested in basic pieces that can be the foundation of any outfit:

  • A pair of jeans you absolutely love (Everlane, Lucky, Madewell),
  • A white blouse (Everlane, JCrew, Nordstrom),
  • Comfy T-shirt (Thought, Madewell, PACT Apparel)
  • Little Black Dress (Everlane, Modcloth, Nordstrom)
  • Midi Skirt (Modcloth, Madewell, Nordstrom)
  • Comfortable pair of jean shorts (Madewell, JCrew, Loft)

3 Shoes Every Closet Needs:

  • Boots (Nisolo, Everlane, Will’s Vegan Shoes)
  • Flats / Loafers (Nisolo, ABLE, The Root Collective)
  • Casual Tennis’ (Ethletic, Veja, El Naturalista, The People’s Movement, Madewell)
  • Leather Sandals (MooShoes – these are amazing, Bhava, Nisolo, Marais USA)

Rule of Thirds:

Most important questions before even looking at modesty?
Do I feel beautiful in this?
Does this show to the world that I am a daughter of the King of the Universe?
Does this compliment my feminine form?

Practical question:

Do you feel comfortable bending over and dancing like no one is watching?
Do I have to constantly be watching to see if my bra is popping out? (wrap dresses might be an exception and can be fixed with dress tape)
How much of my back is showing?

Are these shorts past my middle finger or close to it?
Are they super tight around my legs when I sit down?
Will I be fidgeting with them all day and pulling them down?

Does is cover my midriff? (even when lifting my arms)
How much of my chest is being shown?
Is this a trend piece or is it something I can keep forever?

My Favorite Stores:

Thrift Shops
Olive Clothing
Clad & Cloth
Piper & Scoot
Slumlove Sweater Co.
Krochet Kids Intl.

My Saint My Hero
The Giving Key
Raven + Lilly
Rose & Fitzgerald


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