It’s That Season Again

Alright, it’s summer time which means that the swimsuit questions are inevitable. This is always a hard thing to talk about and an even harder thing to give advice on so I’d like to preface this post with a quick PSA… I am no expert on this subject. I’m going off advice I’ve heard from other women and experiences I’ve had in summers past.

I figured the best way to go about this would be to show a series of photos with different bathing suits that I love and feel most comfortable in and walk you through why each suit is good to wear and then end it with a list of my favorite places to buy swimsuits.
swimwear-1This is my favorite suit combo in my closet for so many reasons. First off… I love the colors of the floral pattern and the flowy aspect of the top not only makes me feel thinner but also does a really good job of showing my feminine figure while ensuring that it isn’t too distracting. I love these tops because they are just high enough to be respectful while still not giving you weird tan lines. As for the bottoms, they are my absolute favorite. High rise and vintage bottoms are totally coming back in style which is to our advantage. Not only do these bottoms cover my whole backside comfortably but also there are ruffles on the side that double as a way to cover any aspect of my body I’m not too confident in while also showing the beauty of my curves! And, by having the high-wasted shorts not only do you feel trendy but you are also avoiding the problem of low-cut bathing suit bottoms. This bathing suit makes me feel classy, cute, fun, and modern and I absolutely love it!
Both pieces of this swim suit were bought at Target

swimwear-2 So, this suit is a totally different style from the last one. I love this style of neck-line because it is classy and covers all the necessary things while still following the current trend in suits… meaning they are easy to find in any bathing suit store. Blue is one of my favorite colors to wear and never fails to make me feel beautiful. What is that color for you? As for the bottoms, these ones took a little while to get used to but now I am a huge fan. They are normal bikini bottoms that cover your whole backside but then as an added bonus there is a short tie up skirt attached to it. They aren’t for everyone but I get so many compliments whenever I wear them and a lot of people tell me they’ve never seen anything like it before. For me, it’s a unique way to keep the bikini feel of a suit while adding a little flair and remaining dignified. Some people may be uncomfortable with how much mid-drift is showing but in reality finding a swimsuit is about what you feel confident and comfortable in that still dignifies you as a daughter of God. I love this suit because it does this for me and allows me to switch up the style of swimsuit I want to wear. Normal bikini bottoms are not a bad thing and I think in the right situations they can be worn beautifully but it’s important to remember how you are representing yourself and how comfortable you feel in them.
The top was on clearance at here: Aerie and the bottoms where found at Tommy Bahama
One pieces… so many mixed feelings about these things and so many untrue stereotypes associated with them. Firstly, wearing a one piece does not mean that you are not confident in your body, heck I feel like you have to be more confident to wear them sometimes. Secondly, there are so many cute one pieces out there that are going unnoticed and it breaks my heart because they need to be seen more. This is actually my sister’s suit and when I asked her what first drew her to it was the fun pattern and the higher top. The design of this swimsuit is not only complimenting and thinning but also easy to run around in with no worries. It’s definitely one I will be “borrowing” later.
This swimsuit was bought at Old Navy
You know those things you put on for the first time and fall absolutely in love with it… that’s how I felt about both pieces of this swimsuit. To be honest it kind of makes me feel like a princess when I’m in it. I feel beautiful and that is how every suit you should make you feel. First off, this periwinkle blue high-neck top is to die for and the lace gives it a classic feel while not being over-the-top or cheesy. It is actually a bikini top with the lace over it making it modest without being too much of a statement. The sheer mass of compliments I get on this top is insane and on top of it all I feel so comfortable and covered in it. It’s a win/win situation. Now, I know what you’re all thinking… white bottoms are always a risky decision but these things are amazing. Again, these vintage style bottoms are totally coming back in style and do a phenomenal job of covering my whole backside and the frill on my hips is always a fun addition.
The top is from Target and here is a direct link to the bottoms on clearance at Aerie

As for final bits of advice, judging bathing suits is just like judging normal clothing. Ask yourself: Do I feel comfortable in this? Does this glorify the One who made me? Do I love how I feel in this? And if the answer is no to one of them… don’t wear it. Another great question that I just discovered for bathing suits is: Can I wear this while ministering to teens? (got to love working at Life Teen Camps) In the end deciding which suits to wear this summer is up to your own judgement and know that no matter what you wear, you are loved and you are dignified.

List of my Favorite Stores to Buy Swimsuits:
Aerie (There clearance is on point right now)
Albion Fit
Nani’s Swim wear
Piper and Scoot

Favorite Songs of the Summer So Far:
Malibu – Miley Cyrus
Bibia Be Ye Ye – Ed Sheeran

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