Wonder Woman: the Best Kind of Empowerment

wonder-4Okay obviously I have to talk about the new Wonder Woman movie because the female empowerment is soo real and even better was the way they portrayed her femininity in the way that didn’t belittle her as a superhero. Sweet Lord it was so good I want to go see it again right now. I have to admit, at first I was very nervous that they were going to try so hard to make her like the other super hero’s that they would ignore that fact that as a woman she brings something new to the table. I was nervous that they would over sexualize her or make her relationship with Chris Pine t0o prominent but all of my fears were pointless. I have never seen feminism done better in a film.

Firstly, I would like to gush about the woman who played Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress and model. Holy wow was she amazing, and you want to know something even more impressive? During most of the filming she was pregnant… literally about to have a baby she was still going all out in fight scenes and dedicating herself to creating a character her future daughter could be proud of. What a beautiful example of the strength and resilience women, and more specifically mothers, have. She showed the world that pregnancy isn’t an inconvenience or life-ending situation. It’s a gift that empowers us and what makes us distinctly woman and her glow and power in this film proves that truth.
Another thing that I absolutely loved was how crazy biblical it was. Like, the ‘Greek Mythology’ of the film wasn’t actually the real stories present in greek myths… it was straight up God’s creation of man. The way they talked about our innate desire to love and show compassion and be in community was so beautiful and in a time where there is so much hate and division a movie this huge with such a beautiful message is so important. The character of Hades was soo good because it exactly depicts what I think the devil is doing in our world today. He is hidden in the shadows and whispers lies into our ears. He may not be bringing plagues or be a direct start to war but he is the one who strives to corrupt our natural goodness through lies and deception. He doesn’t seem like a bad man, heck at first you may think he is a good guy, but it’s through the eyes of love that we see him for what he truly is. A weak and envious being. It was empowering for everyone to see how much greater love is than any other negativity.

wonder-2I think what impacted me the most was the way they talked about love in this film and its immeasurable power. Heck, the way they talked about love was like they took direct quotes from St. Thérèse of Lisieux. This faith she has in love, in the goodness of humanity is so refreshing in a time overtaken by pessimism in regards to the natural state of man. It’s this love of a man, the love of her friends, the love of her family, and the love of herself which allows her to access the full scope of her powers. She believes in love.. and, “Only love will truly save the world.”

Chris Pine was talking about this love and compassion that Wonder Woman brings into the superhero universe and the first time I heard him saying this in an interview I teared up, “With men at the helm of superhero films there is this revenge cycle. What I love about having a woman at the helm of this is just by virtue of her being a woman there is a great more compassion and love at the center of the story. For something as big as this film with the eyes that will watch it, it’s a wonderful way we can maybe inch this universe into something that maybe isn’t as aggressive.” Having a powerful and modern woman who fully embraces her feminine genius is exactly what I mean when talking about bringing the ancient to the now. She has found a way to embrace feminism and prove that she is equal to men while still showing the innate differences between men and women. Wonder Woman’s role shows this complementarity between men and women that is lacking in so many Hollywood films. It was beautiful.
So, as you can see I left the film feeling empowered and crazy fired up. I don’t know about you guys but I left that theater a better person and ready to save the world. Finally, Hollywood did something right… heck almost perfect! I may not be a god who can fight 100s of men at once but I do have the whole armor of God and the shield of faith and with that I can withstand all evil (Ephesians 6). My bracelets that I wear and the way I present my body is just another layer of armor protecting my soul so that one day I may face my Master as a soldier who won hearts with love. That’s pretty close to being Wonder Woman.

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