How to Master this Unpredictable Fall Season

Growing up in Southern California where the weather very rarely strays from 75 and sunny has left me thoroughly weather confused in this transitional season. Is it really fall? Is it still summer? Why is it 40 degrees in the morning and then 70 degrees in the afternoon and how am I supposed to dress for that? It makes zero sense to my California mind and I have struggled to navigate how to dress properly for the last two weeks but I have learned a couple of tricks along the way.

The last two weeks I have even changed twice a day just to adjust to the rapid shift in temperature. This weekend I went to Union Market with my best friend and we planned to be in the city from 9 am until 7 pm, so I had to get a little creative. Yes, I could have done the classic jeans with a short sleeve shirt but I have wanted to whip out my sweaters since coming to campus… and all my jeans were dirty (gotta love college life). I snooped around on Instagram and Pinterest for a while the night before for inspiration and got a few ideas about what I could do. So, here are a couple of ways you can still wear a sweater during this odd fall season and then I will show you what I did!

  1. The first thing that I absolutely love is throwing the sweater of a light skirt, or if it’s thin enough tucking it in. Before I saw these photos, I would have never thought about it before… it just seems like it would be so chunky and yet it becomes so delicate and feminine and I cannot wait to try it out! Mix a cream or grey sweater with a blush skirt or throw in your favorite fall color and you’ve got yourself the perfect outfit.skirts
  2. The second idea that I absolutely loved is throwing on a cozy cardigan with a simple silk blouse tank or t-shirt with some boyfriend jeans and Birkenstocks or heals. It’s perfect for a laid-back day in the city and it is so effortless to pull off. I was originally planning to wear this outfit but sadly could not find my cardigans in my storage. But, there is a solid 99% chance you will see this look in a later week because it has become a staple in my closet.boyfriend
  3. Even with these ideas, the easiest, and coziest, of them was throwing on an over-sized sweater with one of my favorite pair of high-rise shorts. First off, there was the potential of picnicking at Union Market and then I was going to work in a coffee shop after so I needed a versatile and comfy outfit and this was the perfect look. I think the best part about all of these outfits is not only are they effortless but also it’s clothing we all have in our closets. The high-rise of the shorts with the front tuck of the sweater compliments the feminine figure, and after throwing on my favorite leather booties I was ready to go look at baby pumpkins!!  (which I lost between Union Market and the Coffee Shop… it was a crushing blow)fall (3 of 4)Over-Sized Sweater – Madewell \\ High-Rise Shorts – Madewell \\ Leather Booties – Nisolofall (2 of 4)fall (4 of 4)

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