Three Essential Outfits for Christmas

Jesus’ birthday is one of my favorite days of the year! Cozy times with family, really long masses, lots of delicious foods, our God becoming man… just a couple of things that make this day so so good. And yet, Christmas has always been kind of rushed with my family. We go from opening presents and cuddling on the couch to mass within the hour. And then, from mass, we have to quickly change and head up to my grandpa’s house for our big family Christmas party. It’s a long day full of joy, presents, and a lot of outfit changes – three in the span of 4 hours to be exact.

Now, I know my family is not the only one that runs from one thing to the next on Christmas and it can be hard to constantly be creating new outfits for every event. So, after years of doing it myself, I’ve decided to share my three go-to outfit formulas for Christmas Daychristmas (1 of 2)The Cozy Start
Christmas mornings with my family have always been the epitome of cozy. We get up and make a hot cup of coffee, open presents from Santa, eat a home cooked traditional breakfast and then sit by the fire and play card games. While I would normally not be concerned with what outfit I am wearing on a lazy morning at home, this day is full of photos, facetimes, and potential Christmas card material. Something I think many of you can relate to. I have found the coziest and thickest leggings to double as PJs for mornings like these. I know leggings are a sensitive subject for some but know that on mornings like these when paired with a cute longer shirt and a cardigan they are the perfect combo to look put together while still being cozy. A design like these is always a plus.christmas1 (2 of 2).jpgFor Mass and Any Other Fancy Event
Dresses can be hard in the winter because they tend to have the same feel to them and just about every woman is wearing them.  Mix it up this Christmas with a midi dress similar to this one. It’s the perfect color for a holiday celebration and, paired with the corduroy material, it will keep you warm no matter what temperature you’re in. Have a midi dress from summer? Put a short, or long, sleeve shirt underneath the tank top dress and it not only makes it appropriate for mass but also adds an element that is fun and unique. As for shoes – midi dresses can be hard because when you wear booties with them it looks a little funky but sandals are too cold for winter time. The key is to find a bootie with a heal that will make your legs look longer and keep your feet warm.christmas2 (1 of 1)Let the Festivities Begin
Now it’s time to get into the holiday spirit! My family Christmas party started out as a pretty fancy event but as the years have gone on it has gotten more and more casual. So, I’ve decided to make it a time for the Christmas fanatic in me to shine. Sadly, I forgot all of my crazy Christmas sweaters at school, but my mom has this incredibly cozy, and funky, sweater for me to borrow. You can find an ugly Christmas sweater at just about any thrift shop and I promise you will be the talk of the party. Pair it with a red ribbon in your hair and some fuzzy Christmas socks and not only is it so easy to accomplish but it is also fun, festive, and warm.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have the most blessed day.

In Him through her,

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