How to Celebrate New Year’s with a Style that Glorifies Him

New Year’s Eve, a night to celebrate and toast to the gifts of this year and grow in hope for the year to come. It’s a night of friends, family, maybe even a little dancing, and sometimes a night where we can feel out of place. It’s hard to feel at peace when you’re the only one in your friend group not drinking or in a short sequence dress. I have a tendency to dread nights like these and avoid them at any cost but someone reminded me recently that if I avoid these nights, if I avoid the discomfort of being seen as different, then not only will I never be free but no one will see the freedom that comes with my faith.

So, I’ve decided this year that I am going to join the celebration – No, I will still not be drinking and I will not brush aside my morality but that does not mean that I won’t dance like no one is watching and live in the freedom of my faith. As Christians in the modern world, we need to show others that our faith isn’t about rules that hold us back but a freedom that allows us to be ourselves.

Now, I don’t know about you guys but I’ve always wanted to dress up on New Year’s Eve, but a part of me felt constricted – afraid of being seen as too ‘prudish’ or completely missing the mark and dressing immodestly. So, this year I’ve decided to plan ahead with three different outfit ideas (3 levels from casual to fancy) to hopefully inspire you to be bold this New Year’s as well. Don’t be afraid to experiment this New Year’s and ask God to use you on this night. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your words and your actions throughout the celebration so that whether you are dancing, talking, or kissing at midnight it is all for His Greater Glory:New Years (2 of 3)A Classic Look with a Bold Flair
Jeans with a healed boot are always an easy go to for a modest party outfit but why not make it fun! I added a furry vest to this look not only add a high class feel but also to give it more of that ‘dress up’ vibe that I so desire. Find an element, whether it be a furry vest, a cheetah print coat, or a boldly unique shirt to give it the perfect New Year’s touch.New Years (1 of 3)Shorts – In the Winter?
This skort is an absolute favorite of mine and it would be a tragedy if I had to put it away for the whole winter. With such a festive look to this skirt I couldn’t help but think it would look phenomenal with a pair of tights – and I was right! Find any pair of loose or more dress up shorts that you absolutely love and try them out with a pair of tights, and when you find the right one, pair it with the boldest shoe you’ve got… that’s what I did!New Years (3 of 3)The Dress of all Dresses
I found this dress in the back of my closet from my sophomore high school formal. It’s crazy how you don’t even need to shop to find the perfect outfit. For those of your going all out this New Year’s, this is the look for you! As I’ve said earlier I’ve always wanted to go all out with my look – try out the sequence or sparkly dress – and yet they’ve always been too short or too tight. This dress is the best of both worlds. With its loose fit and the fact that it cuts down much longer in the back, it has a modest feel while still giving you the classic New Year’s look. Pair it with a high heeled black boot and a black leather jacket and you will be the talk of the party (in a good way!)

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