Persevering in the Unknown

Being at the Focus SLS2018 conference I didn’t really have the time to write out a blog post on my partner here and longtime friend Christina DeLuca. She has been a gift to my life for as long as I can remember and I couldn’t imagine a world without her. To get you guys a post today and still get sleep we’ve decided to mix thing up a bit and do this Friday Feature Q&A style. I hope you enjoy it!

What has your YES to the Lord been in your life?

My big yes to the lord in my life was the decision to transfer to the Franciscan University.

My high school past was filled with party after party and “good times” so, when it came down to choosing colleges I wanted to continue that way of life. I chose one of the top party schools in the US.  It was a great school but between first and second semester I had a feeling of emptiness and I felt lost. After helping with a retreat at my home parish I knew I wasn’t supposed to be there anymore and for some odd reason I was meant to be at Franciscan (what a freaking change). It definitely hasn’t been easy after choosing to transfer but that was the huge turning point in my life when I realized no, I don’t want to live life party to party. I want to live life knowing there is something so much bigger and more to life than that.tina (1 of 3)

Was it harder to discern what he was saying, to say yes, or to actually do it after saying yes and why?

I knew to an extent what He was saying, I didn’t want to listen, and I didn’t know how to do it haha. But it was probably the hardest to actually say yes and follow through. It was such a crazy time in my life but with the help of my parents and few friends, I was able to do it. I was scared of what others would think and how people at my previous college would treat me after finding out I wanted to transfer to live out my faith. Once I completely made the choice to transfer and start living out my faith I no longer felt empty or lost, I knew I was right where God wanted me to be.

How do you feel God’s love throughout the day?

I feel God’s love through my friendships and the people I surround myself with. It’s hard to find true authentic friendship in this crazy world and people you can run on this journey with but once you do, I’m telling you, it’s life-changing. Being able to share your faith as well as interests with your friends creates such a strong bond that you know God is responsible for it. Having friends that not only back you up, but back you up IN your faith make the best battle buddies to fight this fight of faith together.

What has been the hardest part of following Him?

Not knowing His plan for me. There are so many times where my plan and His plan just don’t seem to match up and I can’t help but get frustrated because I feel like I know what I want and need and what is best for me when in reality I know nothing haha. I always worry about the future and where I’m going to end up in my life but I know that with God by my side, ill end up exactly where I am supposed to be.

How do you try to glorify Him in your daily life?tina (2 of 3)

I’d like to say that I glorify Him through my humor haha, which sometimes comes off as sarcasm. But if I make fun of you or make a sarcastic joke to you, just know that by doing that it’s my way of showing love towards you.

What is modesty to you?

Ooooh good one. Modesty is freaking rough. Honestly, society has made it so hard and so confusing for people to really understand what it means to be modest. I have been to so many women’s sessions where there’s that one teen who just doesn’t want to understand what it means to be modest because they think men should be able to control themselves. Ladies, we need to know that in being modest we are presenting ourselves in a way that glorifies God. What that is for you is slightly different than what it is for me. We, as women, need to realize that our job, along with men, is to get each other to heaven. In order to do that, we need to ensure that the way we present ourselves isn’t going to cause others to sin. We are all striving for holiness together.

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