I am a Pro-Life Feminist​

I’ve never really been one to protest or feel comfortable marching before. Growing up in Southern California there was such a stigma of disagreeing with or offending someone so you just never talked about politics or beliefs at all. I’d mention maybe being pro-life and everyone would attack me for hating women and being ignorant and so I just remained silent. Going to CUA was such a culture shock for me. People were so comfortable talking about politics and beliefs and, even if people disagreed, everyone was so comfortable just having a conversation and listening to one another.

Prior to being at CUA, I was one of those people who said, “Well, I mean I’m against abortion but it’s the mother’s body so it’s her decision.” Years of being yelled at and silenced for fighting for babies had beat this answer into me and while in my heart I didn’t believe it, this is what I told people. I was told that ‘it’ was just a blob of cells that wasn’t yet alive. I was told that the woman’s life was so much more important. I was told that as a feminist I had to agree with the legalization of abortion. All of this pressure from society made me feel like my voice was invalid and I just had to join the popular opinion.marchforlife (3 of 31)Going to CUA was such a blessing for me because I had strong, feminist, women like my Friday Feature Jeanne Marie and my best friend Irene who were actively fighting for women’s rights while also passionately living a pro-life narrative. It was at CUA that I learned the truth that our culture wants to hide. Babies are alive the moment they are conceived. They have a heartbeat at three weeks (most people’s abortions are after this point). And, there is nothing feminist about being Pro-Choice.
Our culture has tried to separate sex from children as a way to ‘liberate women’ but all it has done is put us back into slavery. This separation has decreased the number of marriages, increased the amount of infidelity, increased pre-marital children, increased abortion, and increased depression in women. What is feminist about that?

I’m done allowing ‘popular culture’ silence me. I’m done sitting by as women are lied to. It is feminist to be pro-life. I’m here to say that being pro-life means loving them both. We can change the culture. I was so disheartened for so long, thinking there was no way that we can change a culture that is already so intense and angry. But after this March for Life, I see that there is an army ready to fight for life. I see that love will always win.marchforlife (29 of 31)

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