Demand Better from the World

I recently watched a TEDx talk about the effects of modern advertisement on women for my fashion marketing class and it honestly hurt my soul to see how women are being portrayed and expected to look. In a time when everyone is talking about female empowerment, it seems absolutely illogical to continue buying into an industry that completely objectifies women. People say that ‘sex sells,’ but at what costs? Did you know that girls are starting to get sexualized as little as 12 years old? What is that doing to our culture? We are bombarded with images of perfect women with completely unrealistic body types and told that to be “sexy” we need to look like them. The more young women are exposed to these advertisements the more prone we are to suffer from eating disorders, depression, and discontent with our bodies.

ads (3 of 3)We are living in a culture that sets women up for failure – How sexy can a woman feel if she hates her body? I don’t know about you guys but, even as someone striving every day to live as a daughter of Christ in His image, I struggle with my body. I tell myself that I’m not thin enough, or in-shape enough, and it can really harm the way I see myself and how I portray myself to others.

What I thought was even more fascinating was when the woman said that the problem isn’t with sex, it’s with the pornographic image of sex. I haven’t talked about this yet but I am very very passionate about the effects of porn on society, especially on women. To see that it has even permeated into every day common advertisement makes me more than a little angry. Porn has become accepted as a norm in our society and while people rave that it “frees” women and that it’s unavoidable it has completely destroyed our culture. Men have unrealistic expectations of women. It makes a woman not only less confident but also more submissive to men. It can completely ruin marriages and pervert the minds of children as young as 9 years old. That doesn’t sound feminist to (2 of 3)We as women need to stand together against this kind of advertisement. We need to encourage brands that reject Photoshop and show real women. We need to support each other and stop tearing other women down. We can’t let this culture of competitiveness and comparison win out. We are beautiful. We are daughters of the King of the Universe –  and I will not allow my sisters to be objectified any longer. Let’s demand better from this world.

One thought on “Demand Better from the World

  1. Well said! It’s such a head-scratcher to me that so many feminists today claim that porn is harmless and/or empowering women. We are living in the eye of the storm that JPII predicted when porn, contraception, and abortion began to be seen as acceptable, but I have a lot of hope that my generation and yours are the tip of the tidal wave of change.


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