Dressing To Celebrate A Life-Giving God

Hey guys! So, I don’t plan on posting on Friday out of reverence so I decided to do what I wanted to do on Friday for today! What to wear on Easter Sunday. Seems consequential to be thinking about what to wear when we are literally celebrating our God overcome death but hear me out!

As I’ve said many times before – what we wear speaks so much about who we are, what mood we are in, and what role we are playing in the present moment. What are we communicating on Easter? That we believe in a God who died one of the most painful deaths because He loves us so much that He did not want to live in eternity without us. But more then that, we believe in a God who beat death, tore the veil of shame away, rose from the dead, and gave us new life. We are celebrating a life-giving God who’s resurrection speaks infinite worth and dignity onto our souls. easter (2 of 3)We need to dress to reflect this truth. So how does one do that?

  1. Dress it up! Easter mass is not a time when you can be wearing leggings or jeans with a nicer shirt like any other Sunday mass. We are going to a wedding banquet and we need to dressing like it!
  2. Be colorful! Easter is a day of celebrating life. Don’t wear all black or dull colors… show the world the joy of the Gospel by adding yellows, blues, pinks, and/or greens to your wardrobe. (this isn’t an essential step but its important nonetheless)
  3. When in doubt always choose the more modest outfit! As I said earlier the resurrection speaks infinite worth and dignity onto our souls but more than that it glorifies the human body after its stain from original sin. Our bodies post-resurrection are actually more beautiful and more sacred than Moses’ body – think about that. Especially on a day like today, it is so important to respect our bodies and show to the world that we as women are holy tabernacles worthy of the greatest love.easter (1 of 3)
  4. Add something unique! This is just a fun step but something I feel will really pull any outfit together. I paired my linen sweater with my favorite yellow skirt and it not only perfectly completed the outfit but it also added a new level of depth to my outfit. On Easter Sunday when people see us they should know from one look that something about today is different. They should look at us and ask questions and wonder why we are so happy and dressed up. Be adventurous in adding a detail that pops or pulls your outfit together in a different way. It’s not every day that our God rises from the dead

Those are just simple tips to help you start your Easter Sunday outfit! But the tip that I feel is more important than anything above is this – be yourself. Dress in a way that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable because truly when you walk up to the altar to receive Jesus in the Eucharist He just wants you and only you.

Love you guys and Happy Tridium!

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