Fiat Mihi Secundum Tuum

Happy feast day everyone! This blog idea came to me as I read the annunciation story and Luke 1:38 has been what I continuously go back to whenever I have absolutely no clue what I am doing. I go back to it when I’m discouraged, uninspired, confused, frustrated, lost or afraid because Mary’s complete trust in God’s plan when it seemed absolutely insane and impossible reminds me that we have a good Father and whether I know His plan or not it is way better than anything I could imagine.

Blessed is She’s daily reflection today really touched my heart when the writer said, Each brave “yes”—whether offered in joyful confidence or in the silent struggle of a dark night—unleashes God’s loving power to change the world for good. With your every fiat, we not only silence the enemy and put fear to death, but imitate the most beautiful role model in the universe: conceiving Christ in our hearts and bearing Him to the world through our souls.” Mary’s Fiat gives us confidence in the God of miracles and promises and silences every fear. She is our perfect example in striving to become the beloved of the Father and we have the ability to imitate her in every moment of our day because this story was told.

Photos from my first post for my anniversary

But I think more than giving us confidence in our God of promises, Mary’s ‘Yes’ teaches us the humility and complete trust that God calls us to. In Louis-Marie De Montfort’s, “The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, he states that, “Satan fears Mary more than God because, firstly, in his pride, he suffers infinitely more from being conquered and punished by a small and humble handmaid of God; her humility humiliates him more than the power of God. Secondly, because God has given Mary such power over evil spirits that, as they themselves have often unwillingly admitted through the mouths of the possessed, they fear but one of her sighs for a soul more than the prayers of all the saints, and but one of her threats more than all their other torments.”


Mary’s Fiat saved all of humanity by her obedience to God’s will – that is true humility; perfect submission to God’s Will. “What Lucifer lost by pride, Mary won by humility.” We are called to a humility like Mary’s. A humility that is free to state, “My soul magnifies the Lord!” (Luke 1:46) and is not committing heresy. Humility is knowing the gifts that God gave us and not belittling them or hiding them for the sake of false humility. Humility is having an understanding of your gifts and using them to glorify God and work to create heaven on earth. That is a big task and, yet, through Mary’s Fiat we see we are called to this grand plan.

MyChapel-4Mary is the easiest, surest, and most perfect means of belonging to Jesus. He will listen to her every request because her requests are always perfectly aligned with the will of God. We must ask for her intercession. Ask her to pray for your struggles with pride, lust, insecurities, and lack of trust. Ask her to protect you from the lies of the devil and any attacks he may attempt to throw your way. Consecrate yourself to her most immaculate heart and know that if you remain in her you will always remain in God.

But know this before you go into a life with Mary (which I will always recommend). Giving yourself to Mary does not mean that you will be attacked by Satan less or your faith will become a walk in the park. In fact, once you consecrate yourself to her the attacks will get so so much worse because the devil is terrified of the good you can do. But I will promise you this, resisting his attacks and knowing when they are coming will be so much easier because with Mary by your side she can help you perfectly resist sin.

“Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.”


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