Taking on the Leggings Debate

Today I have decided to finally tackle the legging question; Are they truly the devil’s pants as some might say?

The short answer is – no.

I’ve seen the leggings debate going on for so long and I’ve avoided it because honestly I stand in the middle and I feel like I don’t represent the voice of the Church enough to make a final say. But this morning as I pulled on a pair of leggings, and almost forgot about my need to post today, I figured, why not.

I’m going to make this post short and sweet because I’ve got an accounting tutor in an hour and I need to actually know what I’m being tutored on (lol @ my life, praying for all those in finals week). I wear leggings in public. I know, maybe not what you expected haha. I have always been more of a denim fan. If I can, I will always choose jeans over leggings because in some cases I actually find denim more comfortable, I like the look, and I feel more confident in it. My usage of leggings is a rare occasion, ex. finals week, and on those days where I am wearing them, it is solely for maximum comfort.

And let’s be real – leggings are so comfortable.

But also, I do not want to deny the aspects of which they are immodest. They are significantly tighter and mold perfectly to your body, unlike jeans. While this contributes to its comfort factor it is also something that we women have to look out for.leggings (1 of 2)

Modesty is about empowerment. What are your intentions when you put on a pair of leggings? Is it a fashion statement with a very tight tank top or are you going for comfort? I’ve seen awesome women rock leggings modestly and I’ve seen them being used immodestly. The question ultimately comes down to – are you trying to glorify yourself, and bring attention to your body, or are you trying to glorify God?

So, what are some tips I recommend for those lovely ladies who love leggings?

  • Long shirts are your best friend– big t-shirts for comfort are my go-to. You can find beautiful blouses and sweaters at places like TJMaxx and Marshalls that cover your behind and they are beautiful and flowy.
  • Tall Boots to tone it down– now, I’m not really a tall boot person but I have some and they are my favorite thing to pair with my leggings. Sometimes I feel like shorter boots and shoes don’t look as well with leggings where a tall boot can really pull the outfit together.
  • Cardigans and Sweaters are game changers– If you don’t feel like your shirt is long enough or you just aren’t quite sure, throw on a cardigan and call it a day. The sweater that I’m wearing in this photo is something I’ve owned for years and is my go-to for wearing with my leggings. It loosens up the outfit instead of being so close to my body and draws your eyes to that instead of my leggings. It’s amazing and so so comfortable.

In the end, it comes down to exercising the virtue of prudence and knowing what is truly modest. Look at your intentions and the way you are presenting yourself to the world and ask yourself – am I respecting my dignity as the daughter of the King of the Universe. Be honest with yourself, and when you are you’ll know whether your leggings look is good or bad.

One thought on “Taking on the Leggings Debate

  1. Thanks for your view on the subject!
    I completely agree with you! Thanks again for always being a beautiful example for all women!


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