My Week Without Social Media

Alright I wanna start by saying that this social media fast was a lot harder than I thought it would be and I was a little sad that it was! It was when the Instagram app didn’t exist that I realized how many times I feel myself just going to it to fill the time. I also find it fitting that Jesus chose this week to do so much pruning in my heart – a week where I had to distractions to suppress what I was going through.

The weekend was the absolute best! My little sister and I were home alone and we spent more time together than we have in the longest time. We had a lot of really hard conversations and we painted a bunch and I was just so present with her because I was barely on my phone the whole weekend. I wasn’t focused on where my friends across the US were or what they were doing without me. I was fully present with my little sister and while it was definitely hard sometimes (gotta love little sisters) it was so beautiful and forming in our relationship.dori (1 of 1).jpg

Going into the week was a lot harder. Being home from school is pretty lonely because I don’t have a lot of friends in LA (hit my up if you’re in LA and wanna be friends). It was a lot of time at home alone and it really forced me to press into this fast. I had a lot of really difficult moments where I felt very single and had to sit and just feel that pain for the first time – no watching TV at nights or scrolling through Instagram feeds of perfect couples to make me feel better. It was raw and it was painful and it was good. Pressing into this pain was something that I now see God really wanted me to go through. In it I saw where I needed to let go of control and trust in His will for my life. It was in these moments of silence that I realized where I needed to further invite God into my life.

I really tried to implement that tips that I gave in last week’s post on beating the summer prayer slump and it transformed my heart. This has to be the most first world problem fast I have ever experienced – like wow I wasn’t on social media for a week what a struggle – but it was honestly so good for me heart to be fully in the present moment with God. Because that is where God is… He is always present and to walk with Him and live with Him that is where I need to be too. If you’re like me and you are constantly worried about the future, when you’re going to meet your future husband, what you are supposed to be doing, what He wants of you I highly recommend just a week of reduced phone and technology time.

We have a God of the present moment who loves us and calls us beautiful and His. We are His beloved and His light and this week rejuvenated that in my soul.

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