Feeling like Royalty

So my sister’s Bridal Shower was this weekend and in a typical feminine fashion I was freaking out about how I didn’t have anything to wear. I haven’t particularly been liking my closet lately and even with discovering what I love to wear and what works best with my body I don’t have a lot of outfits to accomplish that. My mother surprised my little sister and I with the selection of three dresses to try out and as soon as I put this dress on I knew it would be a new favorite.

I put this dress on I felt like royalty. And this is not a joke, I literally walked around telling everyone I felt like a, ‘pretty, pretty princess.’ Silly concept I know, but wearing this dress I felt so beautiful and elegant and so fully like myself. I didn’t take it off all day. The more I reflect on that day the more I come to realize I am always supposed to feel that way. I am a pretty, pretty princess in the eyes of our God. He sees me as elegant and beautiful and desires for me to live in that truth every single day.idkman (2 of 3)He desires for you to live in this same truth as well. There are so many styles of clothing out there today that do not exemplify our feminine qualities. There are outfits I see so many women put on, outfits that I wore in the past, that no one of royal blood should ever wear. Wearing that dress I was more aware of feminine qualities and gifts within me and it was even easier to exemplify those things.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, what we wear and how we dress affects our mood and our attitude. Maybe this isn’t your style but I challenge you to find an outfit that you feel like dancing around with a childlike heart in. Find an outfit that makes you want to act more dignified, that brings out the feminine qualities within you. As women we are called to be gentle, life-giving, sincere, human-focused, and merciful. We are created to bring men outside of themselves and we are granted the greatest gift of motherhood. I felt able to accomplish all of these things in this dress.

idkman (3 of 3)
this is my succulent family I just put together – I named them after the four siblings in Chronicles of Narnia

I am fully aware that it was the Holy Spirit who allowed me to experience and live out all of these gifts but it was the outfit and the inclination of my heart to dignify my body that allowed the Holy Spirit to work in that way. Out clothing communicates something even to the Holy Spirit Himself. When you feel confident and beautiful and dignified then your heart is so much more open to receiving the love and gifts that the Holy Spirit wishes to give you. Dress like you know you are loved, even if you don’t feel it, and the truth will come.

You are worthy of feeling like royalty. And I may be wearing running shorts while writing this post but the truth is this dress was a conduit to which Jesus spoke love and possession over me and that Truth isn’t going anywhere.

One thought on “Feeling like Royalty

  1. I stumbled across your insta somehow and it’s so inspirational to see your message of beauty truth and goodness in my feed that can sometimes bring me down. We need more women like you on the world, living witnesses of Jesus, I hope someday I’m like you. God bless, and keep up your important work!


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