We Veil What is Sacred

Hey everyone!

So, I know it’s been a while since my last post, but bathing suit season is about to begin, and I think Jesus wants me to share a couple thoughts with you today.

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Bathing suits – one of the largest spots of controversy within the world of modesty. Everyone has a different opinion of what a modest bathing suit looks like and for some reason there has been a lot of judgement in this category.  This post is based on my opinion, but my opinion has been formed by reading a lot of Theology of the Body and a lot of respect for the female body. My rules for a bathing suit are simple: no cleavage, butt covered, and stomach mostly (if not all) covered. The cleavage and the behind coverage make sense to most people but where a lot of controversy lies is; why do I need to cover my stomach? To be honest, I just learned the answer to this question a couple months ago and it has transformed the way I wear bathing suits. I was the person who wore a bikini if it had good cleavage and butt coverage. I didn’t understand what could possibly be immodest about a stomach.

But what I didn’t realize was – it isn’t about modesty, it’s about sacredness. 

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In the Catholic Church we veil the tabernacle because it is the most sacred object in the Church. It is sacred because it holds the living body of Christ. Who was the first Tabernacle? Who first held the body of the living Christ within them? Mary the Mother of God. The first tabernacle was the womb of a woman.It is through the womb of a woman that God came into this world and as a result every womb since then is considered sacred. Ladies, do you understand what this means! Our wombs, even if you struggle with the cross of infertility, are sacred because they represent the fact that women were chosen to be the vessel through which God Himself entered this world. We veil what is sacred.

Ladies, our bodies are of a higher form than anything else on this planet. We are the pinnacle of creation! We have the gift to bring life and beauty and empathy and respect and love. Our bodies represent beauty, goodness and truth and we must dress it as such.

Trust me, I know wearing bathing suits like this can be scary or intimidating when the rest of the world is wearing something different but if you wear this confidently then no one will think it’s weird. I’ve had girls in next to nothing come up and compliment my bathing suits because they are beautiful and I wear them so confidently. Also, the fact that one pieces and high waisted bottoms are back in style totally works in our favor!

When we go to the beach wearing bathing suits that glorify our body instead of portraying them as sexual objects then we are evangelizing in the simplest of ways. We are evangelizing by showing the world we know our worth and dignity and hopefully encouraging other women to do the same.

Here is a list of some of my favorite places to shop for suits:

Kortni Jeane

Be a Heart Design (made in LA)


Jessica Ray (ethically made)

Alyned (ethically made)

Hackwith (ethically made)

Summersalt (ethically made)

2 thoughts on “We Veil What is Sacred

  1. I definitely agree with you but I would ask why stop at the stomach? It’s impossoble to imagine any of the female saints wearing a one piece and exposing so much of the sacred body of woman to their fellow brothers in Christ. Our Lady of Fatima told us that there would be many fashions introduced that would offend Our Lord, and I can’t imagine that a one piece swimsuit is not one of those offensive fashions, as in 1917 women still wore dresses to the floor. It is something I am wrestling with myself.

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