Is there a Difference Between Feeling Feminine and Feeling Sexy?

Is there a difference between feeling feminine and feeling sexy?

For a while I didn’t think there was to be honest. So often when I was in high school going to a dance or out with friends I felt so good because I felt both feminine and sexy at the same time. My mind kind of started to equate the two. I found that if I felt sexy then I felt beautiful and affirmed and seen and wasn’t that a good thing; obviously, it must have been feminine, right?

Here’s what I realized sisters… I had started to place the identity of my femininity in the way men (and the world at large) viewed me. If people saw that I was beautiful and sexy then I felt feminine and confident. And, I know for a fact that I am not the only one who struggles with this.feminine (1 of 2)This weekend at Steubenville West Emily Wilson said something so profound in her women’s talk. She said, if we place our identity and our confidence in the hands of this world then it will be like a roller coaster going up and down. If I got enough likes on my Instagram post, then I’m soaring but if I walked past a boy who I thought was cute and he didn’t smile at me my -confidence dropped. It is exhausting constantly worrying what people think about you.

I had started to put the identity of my femininity in the hands of this world and here is the catch sisters – the definition of femininity in this world requires you to be sexy.

But then Jesus revealed a very powerful truth into my heart:

The God of the Universe, Love Himself, would NEVER look at me and call me sexy. NEVER!

Could you ever imagine your heavenly Father looking down on you with eyes full of love for His created and adopted daughter, His beloved, and calling you sexy. The idea is actually repulsive in my mind because I know with complete certainty that He would never.feminine (2 of 2)We are called to put our identity as women in the hands of our Father because when we do the identity spoken over us is one of adoption, love, beauty, confidence, mercy, and grace. When we put our femininity back into the hands of God we step off the roller coaster and can walk on flat constant ground once again wild and free in the hands of our Father.

So, when you’re getting dressed every morning remember this truth – there is a difference between feeling feminine and feeling sexy. This dress that I am wearing in this photo makes me feel so feminine and beautiful but the word sexy is nowhere to be found. We are not of this world but we do have to live in it and evangelize in it. I want all of you reading this to strive every single day to leave your house feeling beautiful and confident and feminine because when we feel that way other women will take notice and want what you have… and what you have is Jesus.

Don’t be afraid to dress up when you are getting ready. Don’t be afraid to put on beautiful clothing that is unique or bold. Dress for yourself and dress to glorify God and you could possibly change a life – yes, I do believe that fashion has that power because God can work through anything.

One thought on “Is there a Difference Between Feeling Feminine and Feeling Sexy?

  1. I absolutely loved this! I have been struggling a lot with the way I dress and present myself. I used to dress for the world a few years back and after being completely transformed with the overwhelming love of God, I wanted nothing more than to Dress modestly and beautifully. I believed in the lies that dressing sexy is how we show our beauty but true beauty comes from within. It comes from God! I also started thinking that I was covering myself too much because people started commenting and saying things that would put me down or things like “do you cover up because you are ashamed of your body?” The truth is I was more ashamed and insecure when I would expose my body and dress “sexy”. I feel so much more beautiful when I’m wearing a beautiful long dress or a skirt! Anyway keep spreading the love of God through fashion and showing girls that fashion can definitely be a tool of evangelization! 💗


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