Learning to Live My Life Fully

So, I saw Momma Mia this weekend and as I expected it was absolutely phenomenal…

Sadly, this is not a post about Momma Mia. This is about how I felt after watching it.

After finishing that movie, I wanted to drop everything and go travel around the world. All of these characters are filled with so much life and love and happiness and it was so so easy to associate that state with the fact that they were living carefree lives traveling around the world. (I’m sure I’m not the only one who came home from watching that movie and went on travel blogs to research how to see the world cheaply)

That next day I was on Instagram and I once again fell trap to the oldest trick in the book – comparison. There is this one Instagrammer who gets me every. single. time. Her feed is perfection (color coordinated believe it or not) and she has this vibrant smile and seems to be always traveling the world and living such a carefree life and I was so so envious of her. She was living the life that Donna in Momma Mia was living and the life I dreamed of, but never feel capable of achieving. But then I read some of her Q&A’s and it turns out she only travels a lot because of work and uses every single free moment to adventure. I found out she is always alone on her adventures and that the little pieces I see are moments of happiness that she makes happen.skirt (1 of 2)And when I took it to prayer Jesus revealed something so simple to my heart – These people’s lives are not better than mine. They simply are looking at each moment of their lives and choosing to see the beauty in every detail instead of labeling it as ordinary. And because they recognize the beauty in their lives they are able to present it beautifully to others.

What do I mean by this? I may see a trip to get ice cream as just a trip to get ice cream whereas this girl turns a trip to get ice cream into an adventure. She gets all dressed up, she sees the beauty in that delicious treat and the environment around her, and, because she is already in the mindset of seeing beauty, and she can then create a snapshot of her joy to share with those around her.

This post is not me telling you all to start taking more photos and start your own blog to be happy. In fact, I’d say it’s almost the exact opposite. We do have something to learn from someone like this girl – live in the present moment, make each day an adventure, don’t let your life pass you by when there is so much beauty to see and experience. Treat every moment as a gift. But, I’m here to say you don’t have to be traveling to the world to live a life of adventure.skirt1 (1 of 1)Life with Christ is a beautiful adventure. He is the author of your life and He chose to give you this one, not some person’s life on Instagram, because He knows your life is where you will find fulfillment. Maybe I’m not meant for spontaneous travel around the world but I am made to live each moment in a state of gratitude.

We need start seeing how every single moment as a gift. If we start looking at the beauty in every moment in our lives instead of seeing it as something routine or ordinary, then we will soon be able to see how much God blesses us abundantly in every single day.

How is God calling you to live fully today? Where in your life have you let routine stop you from living a life of wonder? Take five minutes today and allow yourself to see the beauty around you – snap a photo if you want but more importantly, live in that moment.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Live My Life Fully

  1. It’s so easy to get caught up in the business of life that we forget to appreciate the moments. I think it’s a heart matter and you nailed it when you said [we] are “made to live in a state of gratitude.” We ask for the things we want and then don’t want the things we have.


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