More than just a Sunday Obligation

As I posted on Instagram last week, my sister just got married!

Easily the happiest day of my life… and what made it so particularly amazing were the people who came together and were a part of the celebration. My sister and her now husband have created the most beautiful and inspiring group friends who are so on fire and full of love and it never fails to amaze me. They call each other out when one is in the wrong, encourage each other when one is down, and always point each other towards Christ.

I’ve been trying to understand how they are all so good and have maintained such a large and close group of people, even when they are on opposite sides of the world. I finally thought about it today. The obvious answer is Jesus, plain and simple, Jesus has kept them together but what work have they done?stock (2 of 4)Being around all of them it became so clear – their faith is more than just a Sunday Obligation. What do I mean by this? Growing up my whole life I went to church on Sundays because that was just the way it is and I had to do it. And, I know I’m not the only one who goes to church with this mindset. I see adults, teenagers, old people, and every race and gender going to mass on Sunday because they ‘have to’ and thinking that is enough. But, if we go into faith with that mindset then we lose out on all the best parts that it has to offer.

First and foremost, we should not be going to mass because we have to but because we want to out of love for our Father who gave us everything. I have to remind myself of this truth every single time I go to mass – I am here because I love You not because I have to. And then more importantly, at the end of every single mass the priest says one of the following, “go and announce the Gospel of the Lord” and “Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life.”

stock (3 of 4)I’ve always loved these two dismissals because it’s not just an ending prayer – it’s a command. God is telling us that what happened in this mass does not end here. We can’t just be Catholics on Sunday. Being Catholic is a lifelong adventure that involves an everyday pursuit of the heart of the lord. We are called to be saints for pete’s sake! Have you ever heard of a saint who thought Sunday mass was enough?

We are called to pursue a relationship with Love itself and like any relationship it takes effort. If you were dating someone would one hour a week be enough to enter a successful relationship… absolutely not! It requires a daily commitment to speaking and listening and getting to know that person. It requires vulnerability and authenticity and that is what God wants from every single one of us.

All of my Sister’s friend dedicate every single day to growing in their personal relationship with Christ and I have never met a group of people who are all so genuinely happy, love others so well, and more importantly love themselves. Imagine a world full of Catholics who lived their lives in this way – we could evangelize the whole world! I need all of you to know that I’m writing this with the knowledge that it is something I need to work on as well. Every single person is on a path to heaven and we can always grow closer to Him.

Seek to know Him more intimately every single day and it will change your life – I guarantee that.

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