Tips to Easy Modest Summer Packing

With the last month of summer quickly coming upon us many of you may be taking some last-minute trips before the school year begins – hopefully to somewhere warm and sunny. Packing can be an overwhelming process, especially when it’s a shorter trip or you don’t want to pay for a checked luggage (Shout out to South West).

So, I’ve provided some tips on how to pack light while still killing the fashion game on your next vacation.

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  1. Lay it All Out:
    1. This one was taught to me by a family friend. If you have a cool rack like this it helps but also just laying out everything you have before packing will help you get rid of anything unnecessary but also help you remember anything you might have forgotten. Another awesome benefit to laying everything out, you can even start to plan out outfits for each day to ensure you have enough to last you the entire trip. By planning individual outfits before you go you are avoiding overpacking and the problem of looking at your suitcase and feeling like you have nothing to wear.
  2. Create a Color Scheme:
    1. This one isn’t for everyone but I promise you it’s a game changer. If you stick to one color scheme for an entire trip, not only will your photos be blogger worthy, but every single piece of clothing will go together allowing for maximum mixing and matching. If all your shirts, sweaters, bottoms and dress work together then you can pair everything and weeks worth of unique outfits with just a few pieces
  3. Start at the bottoms:
    1. Every trip I go on, depending on the weather, I always bring 2 bottoms – one pair of shorts and a pair of denim jeans. You may think, that’s it? But I promise you that is all you will need! If the trip is longer than a week a second pair of shorts may be recommended but I promise you, if you just have your favorite shorts and your favorite jeans you’ll find you won’t want to wear anything else. Over-packing bottoms is one of the biggest downfalls in packing light and yet they are probably the easiest pieces to re wear without anyone noticing.

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  1. Add the Tops:
    1. Once you’ve got the bottoms the next logical step is to move to tops. My recommendation is grab your three favorite shirts and you’re set. I chose one nicer blouse, a casual striped t-shirt, and a shirt that can double as a beach cover up and a dinner outfit. These three shirts are more than enough for a week and a half of traveling, especially if you’ve got dresses.
  2. Two-In-One Dresses:
    1. What do I mean by this? Bring dresses than can double as a casual day dress and a night out dress with a simple change in shoes and outer layering. For those of us seeking a more modest look this is where maxi-dresses become out best friend! 2-3 of these dresses should be more than enough. Then, if you know you might have one really nice night, pack one beautiful dress that you know can be for a special occasion of going out and dressing up fancy.
  3. Outer-Laying:
    1. Layering is key to switching up outfits and extending fewer pieces of clothing. Bringing one sweater and a denim jacket could transform one outfit into an entirely different piece. If you’re going somewhere warm one light sweater might be all you need and make sure that it is a neutral color within your travel color palette! If it’s a sweater that could go with every piece you’ve just won yourself the travel lottery.
  4. One Comfy Outfit:
    1. Whether it’s only for your travel day or you love a good lounging outfit for mornings and nights I always recommend bringing one outfit that allows you to feel comfy cozy. Who doesn’t want an outfit you can snuggle up in?
  5. Shoes – my biggest crutch.
    1. I’ve always been a shoe person. I’ve got wayy too many for my own good and always feel the need to buy more. It’s incredibly important to look at your itinerary before packing shoes. Are you planning to hike? Are you going out to a fancy dinner? Are you just lounging at a pool all day? All these things will affect how many and what type of shoes to bring. For me, I’ve found that all I really need to pack are a pair of Chacos, one cute pair of leather sandals that I can dress up or down, and maybe my Birks. Chacos for me double as a beach shoe, a city walking shoe, and a hiking shoe all in one. Find things that can be used for multiple purposes and you just went from a checked luggage to a carry on.

I hope these tips and tricks can help and remember – you always feel like you need more than you actually do. When you’re packing really look at your closet and think about your daily outfit choices. You may want to change your style or the way you dress for a fun travel experience but I can promise you your personal style will not change even if you’re in the most unique of places.

Now ladies – better get packing!

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