Back to School Fashion Tips

It’s time to get back to school and we all know what that means – back to school fashion is a go. Who isn’t excited to wear all the fun pieces they found this summer to their first week of school? In high school I was always that person who rocked her first week of school and as soon as that week finished I was back in running shorts and a t-shirt. But I’ve changed, and the running shorts have become a significantly smaller portion of my closet and as I’ve developed a personal style that I love it has made getting ready each morning so much more fun and so much easier.

So, I’m here today to share some tips on back to school fashion to help you not only crush the first week back at school but this whole year!

  1. Don’t blow through all of your favorites in your first week – I’m totally the person that when I get a new piece I love I want to wear it right away. Save even just one of your favorite new pieces or outfits for halfway through the semester to mix things up and save something to get excited about when the semester gets dull. But one thing I will recommend… on you’re first day of school where your confident outfit. What do I mean by that? We all have that one outfit that we love, that outfit that we feel so comfortable in and most like ourselves in. Wear that outfit because when you do then you can spend the whole first day of school present in the moment instead of worrying what you look like. school (1 of 2)
  2. Shop your own closet – back to school shopping is such a temptation and it can be easy to blow through money just to feel like you’re on trend. Go through your closet before school starts and pick out pieces that you really love and try to wear it in a different way within the first month of school. It will help you fall back in love with your wardrobe and save you so much money in the process.
  3. Don’t compare – Having a personal style that you stick to and that you feel confident in can be a very vulnerable thing. I know that feels silly but when you wear and outfit that you feel is incredibly you it can be scary sometimes. It requires vulnerability to dress in a way that represents yourself. Don’t look at how the others girls are dressing or the trends that everyone else are following. It’s so easy for us women to get excited about the clothing we have but then see a girl dressed beautifully, but differently, and become insecure in the clothing we have. It’s part of what feeds this need to always be buying more and what’s on trend. Stick to who you are and be confident in the clothing you have.
  4. Do not be afraid to dress modestly – I remember the first time I intentionally decided to dress modestly going to high school. I was absolutely terrified that I almost changed like 20 times before I left for school. The whole day I was freaking out thinking everyone was staring at me or judging me for how long my shorts were and I could barely focus on anything else. That day I got so many compliments on my outfit that it actually started my desire to begin this blog. This is a promise that I am making to all of you… it may feel like everyone is staring at you if you decide to go against culture and dress intentionally modest but I promise you that people aren’t going to think it’s weird. I’ve actually found that while people may not be able to put their finger on it, they are so attracted to a modest outfit. I got more compliments on outfits in high school that were modest than the ones that were not. Rock that midi skirt or dress. Wear those longer shorts confidently knowing that you may just inspire a girl to try them out herself.
  5. Stick to the Basics – If you ever don’t know what to wear go back to your basics. Black dresses, white shirts, denim anything, or whatever you know you gravitate towards. Throw on a white shirt with a pair of jeans and then layer according to your personal style. Sticking to the basics is key when you are in a style rut, feel like you have nothing to wear, or are just uninspired that day. Another cool trick to try is find one piece of clothing in your closet and try to make five unique outfits with it. I did that with my favorite polka dotted skirt the other day and it was a game changer as it forced me to put together looks I would have never thought of before but absolutely loved.
  6. Look for Inspiration – Inspiration for what to wear is everywhere. It’s hard to give specific fashion tips when everyone has such a unique personal style but I can tell you this… you can find style inspiration everywhere. On Pinterest, Instagram, old movies, women I see walking down the street, art magazines, my grandma’s closet, and so much more. You can find pattern mixing ideas in interior design and find your new favorite style of jeans from a girl that walked past you for three seconds. Look at the details you love and then work them into your personal style. It enriches everything.Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 9.45.03 AMI hope that helped in some way and for those of you who are going into your freshman year, or for those of you just going back to school and you’re a little nervous about the whole thing, come back Monday for a post with practical tips for overcoming fears and living in freedom!

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