Living out Femininity

Writer: Shanna

We don’t have to look far to see that men and women are inherently different. The culture tells women that we need to change to be like men. What the culture doesn’t know is that if there weren’t any women, especially women of faith, living out of their feminine genius, the world would lack true complementary – the idea that men and women bring something beautifully unique to the table that perfectly complements each other. The truth is that women were created to be paired with Adam to help him live his mission, not be another Adam. Women possess characteristics that men don’t attain. Qualities that the world couldn’t survive without.

What does the feminine genius look like? It cultivates the virtues within ourselves that we have naturally within hearts; consolation, nurturing, invitation, compassion and motherly love. We were not created like men for a very, very beautiful reason. Living out our femininity stems directly from our identity of knowing our worth as women. The more we understand this the more we are able to carry this out.femininity (1 of 1)The most beautiful women we have to look to is our Blessed Mother. We get to learn from her in her humility, prayerfulness, holiness and the way she lived out of her magnificat. It is beautiful to reflect on Mary’s whole answer when the angel Gabriel appeared to her. Scripture said ‘and she was greatly troubled’. I think this is a very relatable emotion or feeling that all of us are able to share with Mary. When God asks of us bold favors, we have the right to be afraid, but to follow up with Mary’s reply, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word.” The most pure form of femininity started from a place of insecurity and uncertainty. I love to reflect on this when relating to our Blessed Mother.

Mary immediately set out to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, who knew her best. I pray for the grace to let us have the courage and trust to run to our sisters when we are afflicted with life’s difficulties. To have the vulnerability to let them share the joy of suffering with us. Sisterhood offers relief, courage and cultivates true discipleship. Women were created to be in relationship and that means with other women as well. We need to surround ourselves with women that uphold us and push us towards the kingdom – not encourage us to live a life away from the Father.

The feminine genius in its most simple definition is to live out the vocation the Lord crafted on our soul. Smile at other women. Invite other women in. Live in freedom being a daughter of Christ. Dispel any lies the culture throws in our face about what it means to be a woman. Speak truth to the world. Pray for Mary’s intercession that she may give you her heart and watch your heart slowly start to reflect hers.

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