Right in Front of You

Happy Monday to you all!

It has been quite the morning. Woke up about 3 hours later than planned, still haven’t started homework for my class in two hours, and now I do not have time to go to this garden I was really excited to check out. My morning didn’t go according to plan and now instead I’m sitting in my room just trying to get everything done. Not the end of the world but I do feel myself wishing things could have gone a little different.

I was reflecting on today’s Gospel (Luke 6:6-11) and I highly, highly, recommend that you all read it today as well. It’s the story about how Jesus entered the synagogue on the Sabbath and, knowing that the scribes and pharisees were waiting to see if He would do something on the sabbath, Jesus cured a man with a “withered” hand. And Jesus is so profound. He makes this awesome argument asking if it better to do good or bad, to save a life or destroy it, on the sabbath and then He cures the man’s hand.

castle (5 of 5)That is flippen awesome! Could you imagine being there and witnessing love Himself cure a man who has suffered for so long. However, the Pharisees respond by being so filled with rage that they start planning what to “do” with Jesus. I’m reading this passage like – you idiots! How could you be so blind to the miracles, the goodness, that just happened right before your eyes?… Then Jesus slapped me in the face. 

I recently read this book by C.S. Lewis called Perelandra that is way to complicated to explain but in this book a man meets a woman in perfect union with God and they start talking about trusting in Him. He asks her if she is ever upset if something doesn’t go the way she wants or if she is ever disappointed. Her response is so cool because she trusts so fully in the goodness of God she can barely understand the question but she comprehends it through this example – it’s like going into the forest in search of an apple to eat. After wandering around looking for food you find a peach. Even though you wanted the apple instead you found a peach. There are two options from here… either you can take the peach and enjoy how delicious it is or you can say, I wanted an apple and I didn’t get an apple and therefore when you eat the peach it will not be nearly as good because the entire time you are hoping that your peach is an apple. castle (4 of 5)Sorry if that was complicated but that story really hit me. How often do I let my desire for something I originally wanted ruin the goodness of the gift I received instead? The Pharisees were so focused on what they saw as right and good that they could not recognize the goodness right in front of them! Why did Jesus slap me for hating on the Pharisees and scribes? Because I am so often one of them. Even today, I couldn’t appreciate the goodness of this morning, of the time in prayer I got with Jesus, the morning coffee alone in my room, or just the leisurely process of getting ready in no rush because I was upset with the fact that I wasn’t sitting in some garden.

Where in your life are you the Scribes and Pharisees? Where are you not appreciating the gifts that God has given you because you are so focused on the fact that you wanted a apple, not a peach. Reflect on Matthew 6: 6-11 today and ask God to show you how He is blessing you today and thank Him for all the gifts He has give so selflessly. It may be a slap in the face like my morning but I promise it is worth it.

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