Learning to Mix + Match

Being abroad has forced me to significantly reduce the size of my wardrobe and for those who know me know – I love clothing. I’ve never really been into the minimalist style of clothing and even when I decided to shop more ethically it just meant a lot of thrift shops and the finding many unique pieces. So, only having a couple pieces to choose from every morning has been harder than expected, especially when I love creating different looks each day. tdress (3 of 3)So, I’ve had to learn to “adapt” (if that word doesn’t sound too over dramatic) and get creative if I want to love my outfit every day. After a month of figuring it out I figured I’d share some tips on how to mix + match different pieces to create a whole new look from only a couple of pieces.

  1. Layering is key – This one is a standard for mixing up clothing. This black dress may be the most worn thing in my closet but I layer it in a different way every single time I wear it. Throw a shirt over a dress and tie it, belt it with a sweater of it, put a short sleeve patterned shirt under, etc… There are so many ways to layer an outfit that with even just 10 pieces you can create two weeks worth of looks.
  2. Wear it differently – What do I mean by this? Take a piece in your closet that you love and usually wear the same way and try and wear it in a different way. I always wear this black dress either belted or loose with an ascot but today I decided to throw a white t-shirt over it instead. People came up and asked me how I had so many pieces of clothing here with me and didn’t even realize that it was the same black dress I’ve been wearing for the last month. Try to think outside the box with 2-3 pieces of clothing and you will create so many new looks that no one will recognize!
  3. Don’t Force Matching – I’ve always been a huge advocate for pattern mixing. Once you realize that everything doesn’t have to match perfectly it opens up a whole world of possibilities in your wardrobe. Soon that one patterned shirt that you could only pair with jeans can be rocked with a polka dotted mini skirt and a striped midi skirt. Try and start with one bold pattern and one more subtle pattern but also don’t be afraid to throw fashion rules out the window and make something unique tdress (2 of 3)
  4. Go Monochrome – I actually found this advice online when I was looking for myself and I can not wait to try it out. Find a color that you have every piece in . and rock it. Rocking monochrome can be a power move. It doesn’t have to be all the same hue or shade just simply put it all together and rock it. I saw a girl last week wearing an all white outfit (after labor day so major power move) and I was so obsessed with her outfit that I had to walk up and tell her that in person. I cannot wait to try this one out myself.
  5. Pull out the Sneakers – This discovery was a game changer for me. I actually forgot sneakers and found a pair on sale here in Rome and they have transformed my wardrobe. After wearing the same two sandals for almost a month these shoes were a breath of fresh air. Pair your sneakers with a maxi dress or midi skirt and it creates a whole new look from what your usual pairing would. Style your sneakers with a dressed-up look and every one will be impressed.
  6. Accessorize –  you all know my love of ascots. I could wear an ascot every single day and never get tired of them. That is because an ascot can totally change the feel of an outfit. Any accessory can bring an outfit from one that is basic to something unique and beautiful. Throw on a scarf with a basic t-shirt dress, add a bold necklace to a plain shirt, rock dangly nice earrings with a casual outfit. Things like this can transform an outfit and they don’t require too much closet space.

I hope these tips helped in some way, especially for those of you who look at your closet and feel like you have nothing new to wear. And heck! If you create a new look that you love from these tips post a photo on your instagram story and tag me! I’d love to see it for my own inspiration.

And for those of you who are looking for an ethically made midi dress (my black one isn’t being sold anymore) click here!

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