Creating a Modest Halloween Costume to be Proud Of

Written by: Lizzy

Halloween is coming up and if any of you are like me then you still have on clue what you are going to do for your costume. Now, a lot of you may not even be dressing up (too old? Never) but costume parties and get togethers are becoming more and more common among people our age and a creative costume can become an oddly stressful event. On top of it all, the current trend, especially for college costumes, is to cover as little as possible. This trend is so prevalent that I’ve actually found when I choose a more modest costume there are moments throughout the night where I can become insecure.

What do I mean by this? As much as I value modesty, and while I will never change in my desire to pursue modesty daily, there are times that even I can feel insecure when being one of the only people in a room who is choosing to pursue modesty – you feel a little out a place. I’m here to tell you that you are not alone if you feel this way but I beg of you to stand firm in your decision of self-respect, especially on a night like Halloween.

So how do we make a costume that we love, we feel confident in, and is modest? Last year I gave you guys actual costume advice but this year I want to help you create your own costume because when you have ownership of it there is more confidence in it.

Here are a couple of practical tips:

  1. Figure out What You Want to Do: Coming up with an actual costume is usually the hardest and most stressful part of Halloween. Here are some questions to help you come up with your own idea: What’s your favorite movie or TV show? Who is your favorite character within that plot? What is your favorite Era in history? Who is your style icon? What costumes have you seen in the past that you’ve loved? Who is your favorite singer from your childhood? Who is your favorite book villain or hero? What is something you’ve found hilarious this last year? What is your favorite mythical story? And, if these questions don’t help you present them to your friends to help you brainstorm. My one big tip – avoid being an animal of any kind.
  2. Don’t Buy Pre-Made Costumes: pre-made costumes, while easier, are 99% of the time oversexualized for adult costumes. There is Dorothy for kids and then “sexy Dorothy” for adults. One, the pre-made costumes are incredibly overpriced and two, I don’t want to support an industry that thrives on the over-sexualization of women. By creating your own costume, you have complete control over everything that you wear. Once you come up with an idea look in your closet to see how you can create this outfit. If you aren’t quite sure how to make it yourself then look on Pinterest because I guarantee you are not the first person to do it.costume (1 of 2)
  3. Borrow From a Friend: This one is key. There is a very good chance that you will not have everything you need to make a costume. Maybe you need a leather jacket that you don’t have (which is quite expensive to buy) but you know of someone who has that very leather jacket. Don’t be embarrassed to do this. The more accurate or fun the outfit is, the more confident you will feel in it.
  4. Accentuate your Face: Change up your make up for the night. Whether this just means doing something a little different or really going all out with costume make up, by accentuating your face people will be drawn to look there instead of at your body. This one is a short and quick tip but I promise you it will change up your entire vibe for the night.
  5. Make it a Group Costume: By creating a group costume it quickly removes that feeling of being the “only one.” If you and a couple of girls are in a more modest costume all together then it becomes more of a norm instead of feeling like you are fighting against cultural norms. There is solidarity in numbers that can transform an entire night. But also remember – a group costume isn’t everything. For two out of my four years of high school I did an independent costume and they were my two favorite costumes I’ve ever come up with.
  6. Make the Choice: Before you leave your home in your costume make the conscious effort to choose confidence. Choose to love yourself. Choose to see yourself as God sees you. Make the choice to rock that modest costume. To wear the longer skirt or the looser shirt even if no one else is. Your confidence could transform hearts and your Father heaven will look down upon you with joy.

I hope these tips help and if you come up with any costume ideas tag me in your photos!! I’d love to see them.

or you can be like my friend Maddie who was a Tetris game with a bunch of friends

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