Bringing Summer Favorites into Fall with these 5 Layering Tips

Written By: Shanna

Transitioning into fall brings the most unpredictable weather leaving pretty much all of us with no idea clue how to dress. It can go from 45 degrees in the morning to 60 in the afternoon leaving you with the option of bringing a blanket everywhere you go (which is how I survived high school) or finding another option. On top of it all, at the start of the season I feel this urge to swap all of my summer clothes to my fall and winter clothes. That means saying bye to my favorite dresses and skirts that have become an integral part of my style. Summer clothes don’t work in the winter… right?

Just because fall has arrived, doesn’t mean we have to toss out our summer wardrobes we worked so hard to perfect. Some of my favorite outfits are those that came from a combination of both seasons. So how do you combine these summer clothes with the winter chill?

Here are some practical & unique tips for layering your outfits this season with some of my favorite executions from online:

  1. Add long sleeves or sweaters under dresses or overalls// Now this one is a favorite of mine. This trick has the power to create a cozy fall feel while still getting use from of your summer dresses. Throw on a striped mustard long sleeve underneath your favorite black tank dress or try out a minimal sweater over a floral or striped dress with a belt. For a more formal look try styling a button down under a dress. It is such a cute look, will keep you warm, and will spice up the usual jean and sweater fall look.
  2. Accessories are your best friend//  Layer your outfits with touches of fall colors in the accessories you choose! An outfit is never limited by just clothing. This can be anything from neck scarves, hats, cardigans, belts, a big necklace, or blanket scarves. Even the simplest ascot can elevate a plain sweater into a well-planned modern outfit. Another fun tip is try layering a cardigan underneath your coat – not only does it add another layer of warmth but it also gives you the opportunity to play with colors and textures.layering tips (5 of 6)
  3. Don’t change your wardrobe, change your shoes// It is amazing how much you can transform an outfit with the simple change from sandals to boots! Throw on some tall boots with a dress you’ve been wearing with flats all summer and watch how that completely transforms a look. Even the choice of brown booties instead of a more casual tennis shoe can totally change a look.
  4. Add leggings or tights with your skirts and shorts // Obviously throwing on a pair of tights is always the way to rock a favorite dress or skirt in the winter. But have you ever rocked tights with shorts? Black or grey may be the easiest tight color to style but try rocking maroon, brown or even army green. Not only are they the trending colors of this fall season but they allow you to mix up a look that just about anyone can create. Unique tights creates a unique look that most people wouldn’t be bold enough to wear!layering tips (6 of 6)
  5. Never rule out a light fall jacket to be your top layer// Don’t be afraid to create outfits that compliment your jacket. Lizzy has this one coat that is her absolute favorite and she actually puts together outfits that she knows will complement this coat. This can be a fun way to mix things up! Coats can be seen as boring so often because we wear them every single day in the winter but use this to your advantage!layering tips (1 of 6)

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