SEEK and You Will Find: Learning to Trust in the Power of Prayer

I always forget how much the Lord wants to spoil us. I know that sounds silly but every time something works out or a crazy thing happens to me it’s like the first time Jesus has taken care of me in this way. And while in many ways it is a gift because I am overwhelmed by His love and providence each time it also has its downfalls – The fact that every time something doesn’t seem to be going according to plan or a moment isn’t as special as I wanted it to be, etc, I almost immediately allow myself to fall into anxiety. It’s like I can’t control it.

focus (1 of 4)Why are we such forgetful creatures? I know I can’t be the only one suffering with this problem and the constant up and down from despair to hope is exhausting and not how we were made to live. I’ve been reflecting on the Beatitudes (Matt 5-7) ever since my Pier Giorgio Frassati Pilgrimage and the passage that has been sticking out to me is:

“Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For every one would asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened… If you then who are evil, know how to give good things to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!” (Matt 7:7-11)

Do you believe in the power of your prayer? Do you believe that your Father in heaven is listening to you? Do you believe that He desires good things for you? Do you trust that your Father is actually going to answer your prayers? These questions are so so important for us to ask because honestly I can’t always answer yes confidently to these questions. There are so many times where I beg God for something and I don’t get any response. It’s not even like He didn’t answer it in the way I wanted – there just seemed to be no change. Sometimes things happen that seem horrible and I can’t comprehend how my good Father in Heaven only gives “good gifts.”

focus (3 of 4)And yet, the Catholic faith professes that our good Father hears us, is actively working in our lives, and answers our prayers. Think of Moses… His people were terrible, worshipping other Gods and complaining, and all around just being the worst. And God was ready to smite them –His mind was set. But, Moses prayed to God, begged Him to change his mind, and because of Moses’ intercession God changed His mind and gave the Israelites a second chance.  Y’all, our prayers work and God wants us to tell Him what we want.

Tell God you want that boy to talk to you. Tell Him that you are seeking friends. Beg Him to give you the gift of faith. Ask Him to find you that spiritual director or women’s support group that you need. Your good Father wants to give you these things and He is waiting for you to ask.

This summer I asked God if I was meant to continue working on this blog or give it up. I was overwhelmed and didn’t think I could do it anymore. Right after I asking Him I checked my email and saw a message from FOCUS Missionaries asking me if I’d be a “FOCUS Influencer” at SEEK2019 this year. And then later that day a Shanna reached out to me and asked if she can join Just a Handmaiden as a co-writer. It was unreal how quickly the Lord answered my prayers and it was because I asked that I received those answers.

FOCUS has changed my life in so many ways. Last year I had the privilege of working at SLS 2018 and it was in that week that so many questions I had for God were answered. It was in that week that I experienced God actively listening and answering my prayers. It was in that week that I learned to seek out God’s love in every moment. And as I sit in this café in Rome thinking about how much my life has changed because of that one week I am overwhelmed at the thought of another week to grow in God’s love.focus1 (1 of 1)For any of you who are thinking about going to SEEK 2019 I couldn’t recommend it more. I can guarantee that God will work in your life and I know that if you ask for Him to work miracles during this time He will. Pray about coming to SEEK this January. Ask your college or your church to sponsor you. Ask God if this week is in His will for you and if it is then He will make it happen.

Remember that your Father wants to spoil you if only you ask Him.

And if you are thinking about coming to SEEK 2019 then click HERE to be linked to the registration page. And if you need any prayers click HERE and I will take them to my holy hour this week.

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