5 Ways to Rock Your Turtle Neck

As I have a massive amount of papers due this week I figured I could just pop on today to give you guys some quick and fun tips on how to rock a turtle neck this fall/winter season. I know this post is a little different in that I normally give more tips specifically directed towards modesty, but honestly, what’s more modest than a turtle neck! (lol who am I?) Here is the thing – up until about a year ago I thought turtle necks were a gross trend of the past that should never be brought back. But, after a fashion internship with a boss who’s love for turtle necks was overflowing I started to slowly but surely put the turtle neck back in my wardrobe… now, I can’t imagine a closet without them!

The thing with a turtle neck is sometimes they are incredibly hard to style and oftentimes it can feel like you are just wearing the same outfit over and over again. So, after much experimentation and a lot of Pinteresting I’ve compiled five of my favorite fun turtle neck looks that I would love to share with all of you!

turtleneck (1 of 5)With a Jean Jacket and Chunky Sweater //
This one feels like a lot at first, and maybe even a little bulky, but I promise you the longer you have it on the more you will fall in love with it. I saw this one fashion blogger do it earlier this season and have been waiting for the day that it is cold enough to whip out this very look. The layering of three different textures and of distinct pieces that normally can stand on their own makes one almost do a double take when they are looking at your outfit. (pro-tip: make sure to button up your denim jacket to reduce the bulkiness)

turtleneck (3 of 5)Under a Tank-Top Dress //

I’ve seen this look on almost every street style photography Instagram and I’m not even ashamed to admit it. As many of you know this black midi dress is my favorite thing in my closet and I couldn’t imagine a season not wearing it. Throwing the turtle neck underneath it brings the summer dress into fall and creates a whole new look.

turtleneck (5 of 5)With a Light Wash Jean //
I love contrasting two distinct colors and so a light wash jean and a dark turtle neck is a look I am always down to rock. While these jeans are a pair of light-wash flared look you can also achieve this look with mom cut pants as well as any light-washed average skinny jean. One quick tip though – there is something about the high-waisted pant that really pulls this outfit together. Throw on a black or dark denim jacket and you’ve got texture mixing for days.

turtleneck (4 of 5)Tucked in a Skirt with a Jean Jacket //
This one is so easy to put together and never fails to create an elevated look. There is just something about a turtle neck with a skirt that gives me a total female James Bond vibe and leaves me feeling more confident than ever. Try belting the high-waisted skirt even if there aren’t belt-loops and add a pop of color like this hat and you’ve got a “confident” outfit

turtleneck (2 of 5)With a Neutral or Bold Coat //
Neutral long coats are the hot thing of 2018 and I couldn’t agree more with this trend. And, while I don’t have my black neutral coat with me in Rome, I do have this amazing Sacred Heart Coat that my mom got me for my birthday and it can totally substitute to create a similar look that I love. Throw on some high-waisted jeans, tuck in a darker (or white if you’re feeling bold) turtle-neck, and throw on a long coat and you’ve got the easiest outfit that is worthy of being on any Pinterest page.

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