Immaculate Conception – What does it Mean for Us?

Happy Feast day of the Immaculate Conception! First off make sure you get to mass because it’s a holy day of obligation!!

So, what is this feast day all about – because it isn’t about Jesus being conceived that is for sure. A lot of people question Mary’s free will in her choice in being the mother of God. I she was made to say yes to Him, right? This feast day preaches that Mary was born without original sin.  And if she was born without sin then that means she couldn’t have said no to God, right?


In today’s readings, we start with the story in Genesis about Adam and Eve choosing to eat the apple… the fall of mankind. They were the first humans, perfectly connected to God and knew fully His goodness and providence. And, even in their “perfect” state united to God they still chose to eat of the fruit. They chose sin, they chose to say no to God. Being born without original sin doesn’t mean you can’t sin – it just means that you have a greater unity to God and therefore a greater ability and greater responsibility to say yes to Him.

This is how it was with Mary. She had every ability to say no. Just like Eve, she was presented with a choice but unlike Eve she chose to say yes.

So how does this relate to us normal, original sin, folk. We read in the bible that God does not give us anything we cannot handle. He creates us with the skills that we will need to serve His kingdom and imbues us with His grace when we need it. Mary had a really flippen big and hard task – so she was created without original sin to give her the tools she needed to succeed in that task. She could have rejected those gifts – she could have said she wasn’t good enough or was unworthy. But, what makes her blessed is that she was confident in her God. She saw the gifts God gave her and instead of pretending to have a false humility and saying no, she embraced them and showed us all what it is to be truly humble.

Reflect today on the gifts God gave you. Ask momma Mary to be with you today and be present in your heart as you begin to discern what God is calling you to say Yes to in the present time. You may not have been born without original sin but you were baptized in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit which has given you every good gift and ability to say yes to God just like Mary did. See yourself as an empowered woman of God, full of grace just like Mary if only you call on the Holy Spirit.

Say yes today.

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