A Knowledge that Drives Away Fear, Shame & Doubt

So recently I’ve discovered that I don’t know the person of Jesus very well. Seems crazy since I’ve dedicated my life to Him, but I had such a goal focused faith for so long that I think I totally missed out on really knowing the person of Jesus. Sure, I know He is good, righteous, loving, all-powerful, always-present, ect., but there is little I know about the Man who became incarnate three short days ago.

Making this realization has kind of been a rude awakening to how much work there is still to be done in my faith but I think it was also a humble reminder that none of us are done yet. To think that I’ve advanced far enough in my faith, or I’ve finally got it all figured out, is a prideful and honestly detrimental, belief. So, how do we get to know the person of Jesus?knowing (2 of 4)Slowly work your way through the gospels. I mean how blessed are we that our faith literally has four books telling us exactly who our god is and yet it’s crazy how little we use this recourse. Now this is not a brag, in fact given my current situation its quite sad, I at least open the Bible just about every single day. I’ve worked my way through multiple books and journaled my way through it all. But what I realized literally just this morning… that goal-focused relationship that I’ve had with God has transferred to how I read the Bible. I always read it through the lens of, “What can I get out of this today?” And, if I don’t get anything that I just move onto another passage and read until something strikes me. Yeah, I’ve had a couple of good moments of prayer because of this, and God definitely used this method to speak to me, but I’ve completely missed out on the selfless act of reading the Bible.

What do I mean by the selfless act? To read the Bible simply to know the Father better. To read it without expecting anything in return. We are called to be in relationship with Him and yet how can we do that if we don’t know Him? We need to know what makes Him happy, what makes Him cry, His motivation for all these miracles, and all the little intimate details about His life that we are privileged to have.knowing (1 of 4)Through a lot of grace from God and self-reflection I’ve realized that I still hold a lot of fear in my heart. I’m scared I’m never going to meet the man who is going to be my husband. I’m scared I won’t be good enough to start the business I’ve felt God calling me to create. I’m scared I won’t be creative enough to accomplish this task I feel called to take on. There is so much fear in my heart that is paralyzing me from moving forward and today while reading 1 John I came to know this fear is because of my lack of knowledge of the person of Jesus.

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and he who fears is not perfected in love.” 1 John 4:18

knowing (4 of 4)This is just one example of how our faith is crippled by our lack of knowledge in the person of Jesus. For God is love, and perfect love drives out fear and if I really believed and know that about Him then I’d trust instead of fear. All that shame you feel disappears when you know the person of Jesus. All the worry and fear you feel about your future or  figuring things out disappear when you know the person of Jesus. All the doubt in His goodness, in His ability to work miracles, in His perfect timing disappear when you know the person of Jesus.

So, join me sisters in getting to know our God. (I’m kinda making it my Christmas resolution since I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions) Starting with the book of John I’m going to work my way through the four gospels with the intention of better knowing Jesus. I’m starting with John because people say if you want to know the person of Jesus best John is where you start. Each day I’m going to read one story, not moving on to speed things up or because I didn’t get something from it. I’m sticking with one story until I grasp why John thought this one story was important enough to include in His gospel for those who choose to follow the Christian faith. After John, I’ll probably move onto Mark, then Luke, then Matthew but who knows. As for now I welcome all of you to join me on this little bible study to better know the man born to us three short days ago.

2 thoughts on “A Knowledge that Drives Away Fear, Shame & Doubt

  1. Oh I needed this so much!! I have been feeling this way for the past few months, the feeling that I don’t know Jesus enough even though I have given myself to Him! It is so good to know how to move forward from this and strive to knowing the Father more through the gospels!! Thank you!


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