How to Shop Ethically on a College Budget

Is it possible to shop ethically on a college budget? This is a question I get all the time and honestly something I’m still struggling with. It can be so hard when many of your friends go out shopping or show up with the newest trending outfit and you feel a little on the out. … Continue reading How to Shop Ethically on a College Budget

Is it Really Our Job to “Protect Men” Through Modesty?

Growing up, every modesty talk I heard was always about this question. And, let me tell you – 14 year old me did not like this. I think it was this idea that made me reject modesty for so long and I know a lot of women who feel the same way. And honestly, I’ve … Continue reading Is it Really Our Job to “Protect Men” Through Modesty?

A Knowledge that Drives Away Fear, Shame & Doubt

So recently I’ve discovered that I don’t know the person of Jesus very well. Seems crazy since I’ve dedicated my life to Him, but I had such a goal focused faith for so long that I think I totally missed out on really knowing the person of Jesus. Sure, I know He is good, righteous, … Continue reading A Knowledge that Drives Away Fear, Shame & Doubt

Learning to See a Faithful God

I was talking to an adorable new Scottish priest the other day about pornography and just general struggles with lust (as many of you know this is something I’m incredibly passionate about learning more about) and he said something that literally blew me away: There are two people at the start of every temptation: God … Continue reading Learning to See a Faithful God

Is Jealousy Fueling your Consumption?

Recently, I started reading, Happy Are You Poor, by Fr. Thomas Dubay and his words have had quite an impact on my heart. In this book, Dubay makes the argument that living spiritually poor is not enough. In the Gospel, in more than one account, Jesus is adamant about teaching that we must live in … Continue reading Is Jealousy Fueling your Consumption?

We Veil What is Sacred

Hey everyone! So, I know it's been a while since my last post, but bathing suit season is about to begin, and I think Jesus wants me to share a couple thoughts with you today. Bathing suits - one of the largest spots of controversy within the world of modesty. Everyone has a different opinion … Continue reading We Veil What is Sacred