I am a Pro-Life Feminist​

I’ve never really been one to protest or feel comfortable marching before. Growing up in Southern California there was such a stigma of disagreeing with or offending someone so you just never talked about politics or beliefs at all. I’d mention maybe being pro-life and everyone would attack me for hating women and being ignorant … Continue reading I am a Pro-Life Feminist​

A New Years Resolution You’ll Want to Stick With

New Year’s Resolutions – pretty sure I gave up on those a while ago. I tried out the whole gym thing. I was good for about 2 months. I tried out no gossip. Let’s be real, as much as I wanted to, I totally failed. I tried the “be more confident” thing. Well, let’s just … Continue reading A New Years Resolution You’ll Want to Stick With

Creating an Experience of Truth

Beauty will save the world This is a phrase we hear quite often and yet it is so hard to actually understand what it means, and more importantly, know how to foster this beauty. I’ve recently discovered this amazing community called Catholic Creatives. It’s this massive group of young Catholic artists, musicians, photographer, videographers, graphic designers, and so much more who are working to radically change the way in which our church is currently being perceived.

Having the Courage to Demand Respect

Alright here is the deal sisters… we as women have a problem in our culture today and it’s up to us to fix it. I have had endless conversations with girls who are “talking” to a boy who they really like, and are maybe even hooking up with them, and there is this thing where they know he probably, maybe, likes them and they like him and so even though they are in this constant state of uncertainty, and are probably being taken advantage of, they still don’t want to stop talking to him or move on because, “what if?”