Why We Honor Mary

This Wednesday is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary where we honor our Mother being brought up into heaven. It’s a Holy Day of Obligation where just like Sunday we are required to go to mass. This post is serving as two things: 1) a reminder to go to mass sometime this Wednesday and … Continue reading Why We Honor Mary

Tips to Easy Modest Summer Packing

With the last month of summer quickly coming upon us many of you may be taking some last-minute trips before the school year begins – hopefully to somewhere warm and sunny. Packing can be an overwhelming process, especially when it’s a shorter trip or you don’t want to pay for a checked luggage

We Veil What is Sacred

Hey everyone! So, I know it's been a while since my last post, but bathing suit season is about to begin, and I think Jesus wants me to share a couple thoughts with you today. Bathing suits - one of the largest spots of controversy within the world of modesty. Everyone has a different opinion … Continue reading We Veil What is Sacred

Tips to Beating the Summer Prayer Slump

Summer has finally come (for most of us) and for some the sweet relief of no more classes is just around the corner. With summer comes so much more free time, family time, and for a lot of us – a real job. I’ve always found it funny how every summer I make this intense … Continue reading Tips to Beating the Summer Prayer Slump

Taking on the Leggings Debate

Today I have decided to finally tackle the legging question; Are they truly the devil’s pants as some might say? The short answer is – no. I’ve seen the leggings debate going on for so long and I’ve avoided it because honestly I stand in the middle and I feel like I don’t represent the … Continue reading Taking on the Leggings Debate